Diablo Canyon SushiFest 2008

P. Envy and MisterE arrived at the site late Thursday night. By the time myself, Papajoto and eKat landed we were already having our escape route covered by Santa Fe S.W.A.T. Dudes were all dressed in camo and doing some sort of exercise. Their Sergeant came over and greeted us and told us what they were doing. Excellent way to start the madness.

Some time Later in the day a BLM LEO came into camp. After a chat he wandered over to me and said, “I heard you’re serving up raw and endangered fish to these people”. I said, “yeah, I went down to the Rio Grand and caught some fish for my friends”. He laughed and left. Last thing he said was something like “Well I’m glad it’s you guys and not the locals”. He didn’t understand.

We also had a visit from a Deputy Sheriff from Colorado. 

Luckily nobody got arrested or died. SushiFest Santa Fe is over (though there are leftovers at my place). Good times. More picts soon.