I grew up fishing. I started fishing the lakes around the Tacoma, Washington area. My dad use to fish the commercial trips out of Westport and bring back 50+ pound King Salmon. I’d spend hours cleaning them (I probably tossed any roe). They were huge to an eight year old.

I fished the Toutle River before Mount Saint Helens sent a large lahar down it (it’s fully recovered) in 1980. I’ve caught Arctic Grayling in Northwest Territories, been on a private charter out of Oahu that pulled in a 400+ pound Marlin (after we filled the coolers withe Yellowfin and Mahi), and hunted Sea Urchin (for Uni – yum!) in Thailand.

Lion Fish makes excellent Civiche (they are invasive in the Carribean so we hunt them).

One of my favorite places to flip flies is the Arkansas River Valley above Salida. It is beautiful country.

Next up I’m heading to Monterey to learn to spearfish (the new supply chain for SushiFest), and identify and prep edible seaweeds.

In 2006 I decided to start a sushi party and catering business in Flagstaff, AZ. I worked in the sushi industry while doing that but eventually decided to return to tech and let the business go. This effort morphed into the idea of SushiFest.

When I moved to Boulder, Co in 2012 a friend told me about the Thursday Night Cruiser Ride and suggested I need to join and bring a SushiCart. The SushiCart rolled on Thursday nights for ten years and a fun video showing it through the years can be viewed here.