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Remote Sensing Solutions & Sustainability

Aerial (sUAS) imagery is a tool of science. It's power to visualize, game changer.

GreenSky Systems provides aerial data solutions for inspections, photogrammetry, thermal imagery and 3D models for clients in Colorado and worldwide. We design customized, georeferenced maps, 3D UX educational platforms, animations, and virtual tours that accelerate sustainable business decisions and stakeholder engagement.

Remote Pilot Trainings: We offer face-to-face, personalized sUAS Pilot Training Courses

Ecological Pilot Adventures combine our Pilot Trainings while actively participating in sustainability systems that manage Earth's precious natural resources, ecosystems and biodiversity.


Complete your projects faster and with more confidence. Our solutions assist clients in site selection, land & natural resources management, planning & development, commercial inspections and more.

High-resolution, georeferenced imagery is rendered into accurate 2D Maps and 3D Models that enhance decision-making processes, effectively present field data and allow you to envision solutions in extremely impactful ways.

Share our data internally for analytical processes: map, measure, make decisions. Share our asset creations with stakeholders & engage your customers with a unique and powerful user experience that includes your multi-media content.  

In-Person Remote Pilot Trainings

Boulder, CO in October